Website Design

Eric Capers Publishing designs custom websites for individuals and organizations. Our Specialty is online video. Todays websites require responsive (mobile-ready) designs that are interactive and  engaging for visitors.
Visit some of our sites:

Group-ecard Logo

Group-ecard Group-ecard is one of our newest websites. It is currently set up for demonstration purposes only. This website shows how the group-card concept works and how it would be used daily.


B2B logo

B2B Sports, LLC -B2B Sports, LLC is a sports instruction company that teaches the fundamentals of sports with a current focus on basketball.


Old School Greek – is a website for the Old School Greek picnic association in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.


Mildred Transit

Mildred Transit is a website that provides transportation for visitors to various prisons in the Philadelphia area.

Technology/Educational Technology Consulting

Eric Capers Publishing is available to assist you with your technology needs in a corporate or educational. environment. Eric Capers has 20 years of experience in education and 14 years of experience in educational technology. Contact us to discuss your technology needs.


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