Website Design

Eric Capers Publishing designs custom websites for individuals and organizations. Our Specialty is online video. Today’s websites require responsive (mobile-ready) designs that are interactive and  engaging for visitors.
Visit some of our sites:

Group-ecard Logo

Group-ecard Group-ecard is currently set up for demonstration purposes only. This website shows how the group-card concept works and how it would be used daily.


B2B logo

B2B Sports, LLC -B2B Sports, LLC is a sports instruction company that teaches the fundamentals of sports with a current focus on basketball.



Old School Greek – is a website for the Old School Greek Picnic Association in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is a website that sells a downloadable song (The Ballad of Ebenezer Scrooge) that is a Christmas song parody to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ is a website dedicated to enabling people to make positive public statements about or for people, organizations, or causes Before It’s Too Late.

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ – Public Awareness of Juneteenth Celebrations is a website that teaches a course called My Juneteenth Story. My Junetenth Story is a course mainly designed to teach students ages 8-12 about the history of Juneteenth celebrations. The course uses lessons that have quizzes, and assignments that integrate social studies, reading, writing, and math activities.


Technology/Educational Technology Consulting

Eric Capers Publishing is available to assist you with your technology needs in a corporate or educational. environment. Eric Capers has 20 years of experience in education and 14 years of experience in educational technology. Contact us to discuss your technology needs.